Saturday, October 10, 2009

Last Day of Internship Training

Had been wasted my time for 1 day and half, browsing Dell website, Facebook, writing final report, and do nothing about my project work.

Until the last 2 hours before 6pm, the feeling of doing something constructive just came. Haiz, let’s face it, back to my code lo… It’s just last 2 hours.

My boss talked to me about the project. As expected, I need to continue develop the project after internship. Quite worry about can I handle so many things in short semester… But when think about the extra income per month, at least there is some reason to do so~

This is what in the movie always say: “The end is the beginning”. Finally understand this bullshit.

Yea~ my 4th piece of cheque~ Thank you thank you!

My usual workplace, full of calculation, designs sketch paper, and always messy. Messy table give me non-stop-trying mood.

Start from next week, I don’t need to visit the office everyday, but still need to go there once a week, try my best la.

Quite jealous when saw other friends’ internship photos, groups of interns having lunch and dinner and sing K, haha. But not good to compare like that, we both have different harvest at the end.

Thanks Mrs Ms. Rahimah and Ben for giving me this chance, this 4 months made me learned a lot~

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sioukee said...

Since I'm so free, tell you something la.

You can't use "Mrs."Rahimah. Mrs should follow by her husband name. You can use Ms. if she's not married or Madam Rahimah if she's married.

Like people call your mom Mrs. Oh,
Or Madam (insert your mom surname). can't be Mrs.(insert your mom surname).


VHanded Cheepeng said...

OK, thanks for the "valuable" lesson~ You really so free... haha

sioukee said...

I know >_________>
Don't if it's good or bad.

Come on, my blog got more feeding when I'm free. it won't be hungry :D

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