Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kinabalu Trip

Cameron Highland trip was postponed due to transportation, and number of participants, so, I shall put my attention to the next plan, to Hike Mount Kinabalu~ HAHA.

Possible members for now: Me, Bobby, Calvin.

Expected Date of trip: 4 Jan 2010.

Main obstacle:
Mount Kinabalu used to be a “public” area. Public, as anyone is affordable to hike it. But some years ago when Sabah Government signed a stupid contract to privatise Kinabalu Park to Sutera Sanctuary Lodge(SSL).

SSL introduced their own packages, and all hikers MUST take their packages to hike Mount Kinabalu. This is nightmare, the price for lodging at half mountain had increased from RM6 per person per night, up to RM400 or more, depends the standard of room. This still not include the park(Mount Kinabalu as National Park) entrance, guide fee, etc.

I sent email to few agents, for a 3D2N package, but the price they quoted shocked all of us: ranging from RM980 to RM1300 per person. Of course those package included a lot of unnecessary features, like translator.

So decided to do all the booking ourselves. I called to SSL Headquarter, and they quoted RM452 per person for 3D2N, but not include any entrance fee, climbing permits etc. So total up should be RM520 per person.

The crazy lodge that we are going to stay – Laban Rata Resthouse. Located at 3000m above sea level, tends to be foggy at night.

What is included In 3D2N Package?
Items included in 3D2N package are 7 buffet meals (stupid), 1 night stay at lower altitude Kinabalu Park, and 1 night at higher altitude Laban Rata Unheated Resthouse. Kinabalu Park is actually the starting point of the hike, so no point staying there. Moreover, I got contact to stay in another cheaper lodge in Kinabalu Park~ha.

How About 2D1N package?
There is another package at RM290 for 2D1N, which skipped the lower altitude Kinabalu Park, but only available booking 2 months before the climb. Maybe I shall wait next months to make the booking.


AirAsia ticket now is selling RM180 per person to there and back. Got to fast fast decide and book.

Anymore people willing to join us? It’s better to have 4 or 5 persons, more fun, less cost~

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