Thursday, October 29, 2009

TV3 Jom Heboh

My first time to join Jom Heboh event, thanks Yung Fu who provided me this chance, in the time I need $$ the most~


It’s a carnival-like event organized by TV3 few times a year at different locations in Malaysia. A 2 days event, which will attract thousands of visitors, especially Malay. I noticed a lot of my Chinese friend don’t know about this event… Maybe Chinese don’t watch TV3, ha.

I was working with Lady Choice, as a crew, a.k.a. kuli. Job scope include carry things, packing, control hygiene, sometimes need to process food some more… Really tired, but gain some experience~DSC01798
From what I observed, their marketing strategy is to attract kids, then adults. But not exactly true. Various games were designed to play with kanak-kanak (kids), like hula hop, shuffle for young teenagers, puzzle, sandwich workshop etc.

Jimmy and CK the food crew.

Yung Fu with his cat look.

This Jom Heboh is organized at Batu kawan stadium, Penang. Shitty stadium which underutilize.

Not to mentioned all Lady Choice’s stuff got 2 nights to stay in Summit Hotel, Bukit Mertajam. wahahahaha~

Nice to meet you all friends~ Maybe I am quite quiet in this 2 days event, there are just too many thing across my mind by that time, paiseh paiseh~ (this photo taken from Regina’s Facebook)

After event:
1. I think I got minor sunburned after working outdoor for long hours.

2. And hor, very very disappointed with their toilet, don’t want to talk about how terrible is the toilet experience, yuck!!!!!

3. I skipped 1 day class…… shit.

4. What I like most is after 12 hours of work, and soaked inside hotel bathtub with hot water~wahaha

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