Tuesday, October 27, 2009


While writing this post, I am not in Penang… ha. Back to Cyberjaya~

Haven’t update here for some times, due to my faithful laptop who already served me for 5 years ‘retired’.

Just got some pictures that I snapped in hometown want to share with you all.

Fish loves to play with waterfall~

Coward dog who scare of Deepavali fireworks.

Cendol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Tuna Ass Fly for RM10. What is that? Saw it in Krico supermarket.

This is my favourite picture! In Krico, every Monday is “No Plastic Bag Day”. If customer insists want plastic bag, go buy from service counter for RM0.20 per piece. When do other Hypermarket giant like Jusco, Carrefour, Tesco implement this?

Quite a free semester break, no need to wait for result release like playing lottery.

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