Monday, October 12, 2009

Sabah Trip Plan: Part 2

Possible members for now: Me, Bobby, Calvin, Nana, Wong Kok(…)

Expected Date of Trip: 7th – 12th Jan 2010 (5 days)


For Mount Kinabalu hiking, guess will be taking 3D2N package, about RM510 per person, from Timpohon Gate –> Low’s Peak –>Timpohon Gate.

Train hard for that~

Other destination:

Sabah is surrounded by “not yet polluted” seas and islands. Visit Sabah without visiting some of these island is wasted, definitely. So, let’s add in Island Hopping~

Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park(is actually a collection of islands), is the most popular island hopping destination. There are 5 islands:

  1. Pulau Gaya
  2. Pulau Manukan
  3. Pulau Sapi
  4. Pulau Mamutik
  5. Pulau Sulug

Photo of Pulau Sapi (from

Each islands has different “personality”, Gaya is the biggest, but filled with illegal Philipino immigrants, ish; Manukan is developed, with better facility; Sapi is small but has very clean water, sand and corals. Mamutik is good for snorkelling.

*Don’t pick any coral, they are endangered. :)*

View Island Hopping in a larger map

Cost for this island hopping, should be about RM100.

Stay tune~

**p/s: Need to book flight ticket by this Friday(16th Oct) to get cheap ticket as low as RM167 for 2 ways.

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