Monday, September 3, 2007

Million Dollars in my account?!

One day, I woke up, and log into my bank account. Holy sh**! 1 million dollar?! Don't care what is the currency (it's ok to be Ringgit Malaysia or Singapore Dollar, just don't be Japan's Yen or the worst Indonesia's Rupiah), that is definitely a very good news!

This is a meme tagged by Bobby Ong, and I am very busy to write it as my assignments are too many. However, good pastime to think about having 1 million bucks in your account.

1 million 1 million, how I want to transform you? I am not a heavy money spender, so need some time to think about it.

Buy land.
Yes! This is the idea I had for so many years! 75% or that, or 750,000 bucks will be spent to get a big big land(of course not Penang Island or KL, that amount is not enough yet), somewhere around Seberang Perai Penang, which currently still not yet develop. I can put there for several decades, and let the price blossom by itself, or just as a reserve area to grow big trees, so 20 years later when everyone struggle for oxygen, I can sell for them, haha, crazy idea. However, I love this planet, and I will protect her.(maybe this is not a good idea, but will try to remain this surface looks green)
2nd growth

Around the World
I think the remaining RM250,000 is enough to travel to half of this planet. Try to get cheaper Air Asia tickets and budget hotel, or even sleep at roadside will do. Besides, a SLR camera is a must for the travel, so I can tell my friend I been to so many places, say good bye to Photoshop cut and paste.

this is not photoshop!!!

The place I like to visit most is Japan! How they can be so advance, but yet so green? Why their cars are everywhere, but they don't use car?

It's obvious that advance countries use lesser cars than under developing country, so, if Malaysia want to be advance, have to upgrade our public transportation service. Other places I want to visit is The Great Wall, Egypt, all the Wonders of Earth, Africa, and also seriously politic unstable country like Afghanistan. I may not be there as tourist, but a volunteer.

However, even I found million bucks in my account, that won't be the end of my study. Life will still go on, and I will do everything to make this life wonderful, won't affected by this sudden rich.

**Start Copy**
Instructions :

Proposition: If you Have $1,000,000.00…………………………
Requirements: continue above sentences

Tag Mode: 5 blogger
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.

What They Do With Their $1 Million
1. SYH” will spend for Family
2. Miche will give to the needy
3. Montessorimum will keepsake
4. Lovely Mummy will spend & save
5. MummyInVain will fullyutilise
6. Babyfiona will buy house and open business
7. MonkeyWong will go for a long vacation
8. Janice Ng will upgrade house and go for long vacation
9. Emila Yusof will realise her dream
10. Mariuca will open a Perfume Gallery
11. OndeOnde will quit her job!
12. Joe will buy a house and gives to charity
13. Bobo will invest in property and let her parents go on a holiday
14. Brad will spend all of his money on foolish gadgets
15. Adrian will spend it all!
16. 38kia will open a 38doll factory
21. Bengbeng will relocate to Penang
22. BobbyOng
23. VHanded will travel to whole world

Hereby, I will tag these bloggers, thanks for keep visiting my blog all the time.

Cheh Cheh
Eric Tan
~Sleeping Princess~

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生番薯 said...

i've done tat tag lo...find someone else leh...hehe

Che-Cheh said...

Opps too late...already done the tag here:

Che-Cheh said...

Let me tag you instead la. Read my blog tomorrow. :P

spookygrace said...

1 million can buy land? is that enough?? O.O ~~~"" how huge would tat be??

vhanded said...

生番薯: har... so fast?

che-cheh: so fast too!?? OK, will write ASAP, haha.

spookygrace: that's why I said not the land at KL or Penang island. Get it from some non highly developed area la...

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