Saturday, October 13, 2007

Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize!

Former US Vice President, Al Gore, just won the Peace prize of Nobel. I knew he will get it, and he must get it, to ensure mankind future. This show that, Global Warming is no more a single person interest, is the whole world problem.

Although he won the prize, but he quickly phoned to UN(United Nation) chairman, Rajendra Pachauri, to meet up for their next steps to save this world. The original news is here.

He is one of the man who work out the most to save the world from Global Warming. With this award, the world will not just only put an eye, but to put in both hands to solve this century problems.

United States don't sign Kyoto Agreement
US as the world richest country, from outside, look so advance, actually, do you know that US is the world highest Carbon dioxide contributor to atmosphere? Due to protect the economy of US, President Bush don't sign Kyoto Agreement. Even China with so high pollution also sign it, why not you! Fuck you!

Award Winning movie
Al Gore just won an Academy Award for his film, An Inconvenient Truth. I strongly suggest everyone watch this movie, go and download it, or send me your address, I post the movie to you. The movie is so real, so close to us, so hurt.
(I am also anti privacy people, but for this I got exception)


So, before you spent another plastic bag, or thinking to left the light on for nothing, think again, the mother nature that you stepping now is crying, can you hear her?

I am trying all my best, DO NOT TAKE ANY plastic bag while buying small stuff(1.5 liter bottle and assorted biscuit tin are consider small) to turn off light when not use it, to explain to people around, which make them think I am so kiam siap to pay for 1 buck electricity... But I still doing it, one day, when people realize, I believe that.

It is difficult to get a man understand something, if his salary depends upon his NOT UNDERSTAND IT.--Upton Sinclair

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations is in order to the former VPOTUS himself. Global warming is not JUST about climate change per se, but rather its effect on society, economics, and politics as well. Global warming is now seen as one of the reasons behind the conflicts in Africa. Where a disproportionate number of persons compete for a declining resources such as water or arable land, you just know OUR EXISENCE as a human species now come into question.


keeyit said...

Good.. I also try my best not to take any plastic bag if I really can..

vhanded said...

anonymous: yes, human facing big problem even to their own existence... No reason for not control the carbon dioxide emission.

keeyit: good! Work out for better Earth!

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