Friday, October 26, 2007

Not the cheater again!!

Since my brother gave me his Sony Cybershot, I can use it for a long time, so, I can save my sponsored post earning for a better freestyle skates. But, still not enough, what to do?
I search around that website, for some simple job which can be done at home, like typist. There are few queries, mostly today's opportunity. So curiously, I sent an e-mail to them, and they replied...

Shit, the same e-mail!
Yes, although I am not the victim, but keep seeing the same fraud make me piss off! The background operator(cheater) is what people call him Dr.Lim (not Uncle Lim), full name Lim Heng Kiap. Throughout the whole replied mail, they keep mention free, but the other side said need to pay deposit of USD 100, go and die!

The job is simple, just typing, reply mail, and search internet, and we will pay you, and you may learn something about internet too.

Here to remind you all never thrust any typist job anymore, all cheater! Last time I found on The Star, and e-mailed them, and because of curiosity, I searched the Dr. Lim's name, and all I got is complains about being cheated.

This "business" is actually a chain fraud. Dr. Lim, the playmaker, start the game, and find his "employees", then the "employees" who got "hired" will find their own "employee", from each level to another, they earn commission.

1 month earn 3k by typing only? Who else want to get degree?

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Jasonmumbles said...

I want to be a typist. :P Sign me up! How's your holiday so far?

vhanded said...

jason: Wow! The fastest comment I got! Don't study MMU, if you just want to be a typist, haha. And who on earth need a typist?

My holiday? boring, sucks. I see your blog still holidaying...... how was yours?

keeyit said...

3k just become typist.. who do not want ? Give me the info.. I want !

Che-Cheh said...

Wah also have these kind of scam. :P

vhanded said...

keeyit: give you la, everyday update, go jobstreet and find, The Star newspaper also publish!

che-cheh: yaya, dangerous, jobstreet should filter their vacancy first.

yung . said...

Lolz typist job.

I ever saw that on my email, and out of curiosity, I replied back and ask for more info. Weirdly, I didn't receive any reply from them!

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