Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Xiang Xiang!!

I like to attend people's birthday party, especially those with messy eggs, flour, paint, the dirtiest the better.

Yesterday is our grandpa-- Ah Kong a.k.a. Xiang Xiang's birthday! And we all kind enough to buy him a birthday cake from Secret Recipe. This is the conversation in there:

waitress: What you want to write on there?
me: Err... We write ourselves.
waitress: what color you want? Green, red, blue?
me: Err... Give me all 3 colors.
waitress: .............?(smiling)

What to write? Me, Te, Yeoh, and Su each wrote something on it. Since the cake is Cappuccino Cheese, and the top surface is blank white, so, it's time to unleash our creativity!

And this is the masterpiece:
DSC09355  Since he always Pek Chek(frustration), so we give him a word: Don't pek chek!!

The time we reach home, he is bathing, then watch C.S.I on his PC upstairs. We used a lot of technique to make him come down, call him to skate, but he just insist. (Of course la, suddenly so weird, and that day is his birthday some more...who dare to go down....)

And we have to use the final way: pull(carry) him down! You pull his leg, I pull his hand, and reach downstairs. He looks so innocent...!! (Don't la! My hand hurt la! Why lah~ Put me down!)

We want him to sing birthday song to himself, he just too shy to sing it, so I have to start the song, so he can continue: 生日快乐,我对自己说。。。(translate: Happy birthday, I wish to myself.....) Then, he cut the cake. Actually we want him to use his nose to eat cake, but since he already wash his face, so we just force him to finish 1 piece of cake in 1 shot...(which I tried later, really impossible!)


The "party" was very short and simple, and he has to bath again since his whole body was cake and cream by Chia Syan...

1 last time before I sleep, I think back: hey! We never sing birthday song to him! Paiseh la! Next year la!

And 1 funny thing: we can't find lighter, so the candle was not lighten up, just on there as decoration, hoho~

Happy Birthday, Ah Xiang!

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1 comment:

Erictan7 said...

U all holy syok man.. i jz wish him in msn.. =( Anyway happy birthday to Siang Siang..
N next time remember to sing him song la.. kesian u noe.. lol

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