Friday, October 5, 2007

Free Hug, back to the real us.

Since the Information Technology advancing, people have their own cell phones, IM accounts, and these faceless communication is changing us, I can't tell is a good change or bad change, but the world seems like adopting it.

Just now read a magazine about a guy, Juan Mann, who started a Free Hug Campaign. The campaign is an example of random act of kindness, a selfless action just to make other feel better.

In the campaign initially, people was not thrust him as his motives was not clear. But sooner later, friends around start to promote the campaign, and people in the Pitt Street Mall, Sydney,  were hug in a piece.

Banned by local authority
Juan's action was banned by the police, due to him didn't obtain a public liability insurance worth $25 million for the action. To show that he don't need that, he collected signatures of 10,000 people, and he was allowed to do his campaign.

My opinion towards this campaign
Yes, I strongly support this guy. Although I am heavy Internet user and feel more confident in this communication, but a long time ago I hate this kind of interaction.

Everyone will feel sad, feel down, and what is the way to feel good again? I am not those materialism guy, give me money or any luxurious gift is useless to me. Maybe a simple sentence with full of encourage? Or a hand to hold? Or a hug? hug is the simplest, no word required, no additional meaning included.

For those who have their love one, call them out, show them this post, give them a hug; for those who remain single, don't be too depress, half of the world have the same feeling like you, include me.

Wonder if I start that campaign in Malaysia, will I get caught and remove my nationality? Who know, this government like to make irrelevant judgement...

A hug, make us back to the real us.

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Jasonmumbles said...

Hold hands also got fined, what more hugging in public? And I can't live without the Internet for more than 1 day.

Erictan7 said...

add me in.. i wanna hug ppl.. gals.. huhu.. jz kidding =)

Wuching said...

i'm not letting any stranger hug me. who knows what disease he got!

vhanded said...

jason: haha, true, Malaysia is that close minded~

erictan7: come la, we go hug fat chick.

wuching: walao, next time if i do that campaign I must wear astronaut suit.

Bobby said...

dude if u're doing that campaign count me in. I'm sick of the way tis country is living anyways.

生番薯 said...

happy holiday

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