Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Some of my precious Photo with Celebrities

Sorry to cheat you all here with the title. Everytime I show these photo to friends, they will feel so jealous, why? See and you will know.

 Jay Chou Press copy
I saw a description about Jay Chou: We can't tell what is special, but Jay Chou seems to make every girls go weak in their knees.

Golden Armour 
This one? I like the armor, and also the movie and soundtrack.

sony ericsson jpg
This is one of the best I got with Lee Hom, my brother~~on the same stage.  And sorry to Nokia user, Sony Ericsson rocks!

Time Magazine front cover
My first visit to Dubai, with "my" tower at the back.

And some other not very nice one, I will just skipped it, more will coming in next time!

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Bengbeng said...

clever of u to b so creative here :)

Erictan7 said...

ei the 1st pic.. ur hair soooo fake.. haha...

Che-Cheh said...

Eh how you do it ar? Photoshop? :P

penny said...

haha, really amazing, your are really good in "doing magic"!

keeyit said...

wah.. hmm so real.. how you do that ar ? I like the 2nd photos.. Fuyoh.. :P

生番薯 said...

wah...i also wan pic with celebrities

vhanded said...

beng beng: for people like me who impossible to get close contact with celebrities, this is the creative way lo,haha.

eric: yea, edited and uploaded.

che-cheh: No! I take the photo with the celebrities! Joke, is photoshop actually.

penny: David Coperfield is my master~~

keeyit: Curse of the Golden Armor, haha. I like that too, but I think still can improve.

rawpotato: 1 is stand side by side with them, another way is like me.

yung . said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Your hair on the first pic damn funny lah!


*can't stop laughing*


vhanded said...

yung: funny because of? fake? or just funny? That's my real hair leh, just darkening using photoshop...

OtG said...

V, I feel so ..... damn ..... jealous.....!

narrowband said...

Wow hahaha blady hell, the first pic I really believed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Argh!!!

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