Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tonight, Malaysia will showing off to the world again.

Since Russia be the first country on Earth to send human to the space, the whole world is like addicted to this space-tech chasing game, one and one shot their machines, animals, humans, instruments up there.

(left one, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar, right one, Dr. Faiz Bin Khaleed)

Tonight, it will be our Malaysian time to show off! Our first astronaut,  Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar, will fly on space. As Malaysian, I do feel some proud of it.(Although this is just rely on our money, not our technology)

Hope when he fly up there, he will complete his tasks, no to play teh tarik on space station, and, hope he can come back safely.

Maybe most people think, this is just another waste of money, but, if a small amount of Malaysian can use this incident as their inspiration to explore the universe and make benefit to our country, the 130 million may worth it.

Don't forget to watch TV tonight, RTM1, 9pm live broadcast.

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rational thinker said...

what a good way to booost your traffic...

by claiming one of the most incredilous remarks of the year!

yung . said...

Wonder when will us humans be able to live in other planets..

vhanded said...

rational thinker: Not really boost la, normal visit only.

yung: Soon, very soon, but definitely not Malaysian, haha! We wait here and die la~

bobby said...

did u receive any extra boost in traffic?

i miss out this whole did it go? haven been reading newspapers after

keeyit said...

you really watch that ?

vhanded said...

bobby: everything fine, didnt fall down.

keeyit: yea, watched the whole event, and be some joke by someone.

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