Saturday, November 3, 2007

My 'Wow' started late, but just right in time, I think.

Notice I never online for 1 week? Sad, during my holiday in Penang, my lousy-ultimately-seriously-slow-terrible-3.9-year-old PC was spoiled, due to my improper shut down, and the OS corrupted. Yes, you said: format la! And I will say: combo drive was spoiled almost 1 year ago.

Because of this reason, I came back Cyberjaya earlier, and get my new PC. (The old one will be repair! Just I need a more powerful PC). I went to Lowyat Plaza yesterday, alone of course. And get these rig from ViewNet, my favorite PC retail shop:

  1. BENQ FP92W 19" wide screen LCD monitor
  2. 1GB x 2 Kingston DDR2 800MHz
  3. Gigabyte P35 DS3 Motherboard
  4. Intel E6550 processor
  5. 250GB Western Digital Hard disk
  6. LG 20X DVD burner
  7. and, Gigabyte GeForce 8800GTS 320MB


Just the monitor already weighted more than 6kg, and only me, with 2 hands, carry it back from Lowyat Plaza KL, to Cyberjaya. (of course I ride bus and train la)

Actually want to build it today morning, but I started 4am last night, 'thanks' to Nescafe and mosquitoes. 

Here it goes
my hand shake like chicken leg, not because too excited, you will know if you carry 10kg stuff from KL to Cyberjaya.

Then is the stock heatsink. So noisy, consider to change it later.

2 slots of RAM.

Just realize I forgot to fix the back panel, so have to unscrew the motherboard from  casing......

The queen of my rig, 8800GTS~~

Completed 1

Outview 2  So handsome, for now. Can't tell 2 years later.

Full System look, but without speakers yet. Actually want to get Samsung 931BW monitor, then the whole system will look black.

Inject the soul
I used to say: why study IT? Because if there is only hardware, there is no meaning for a PC to exist, so IT professional will design the soul, inject it, and give life to PC... I injected(installed my long long Vista

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that I bought 6 months ago)

Review? Perhaps.
I am not some reviewer, just write out what I feel about these.

BenQ FP92W
According to the shop seller, BenQ color is "nicer". What I thought is, human eyes can't differentiate a very minor difference in color, unless 2 monitors putting side by side. Another weakness is, when you view from 45 degrees from the top, the screen is in pink color. That time, Samsung 931BW out of stock, so I just get this BenQ, save RM 130.

8800GTS 320MB
Until now, I still didn't really find out the difference yet, only in heavy graphic rendering task like games, then I will notice. With current max 450 Watt output, I worry it may not enough to get peak graphic performance. One more, the nVidia control panel sucks! Just simple adjustment, no fun.

Intel processor - stock fan so noisy!

Kingston RAM - 800MHz 2GB, compare to my previous PC with 133MHz 512MB, really a big difference in reading and writing speed.

Hard disk - fast enough la~~ 250GB yet, won't full in these years. (Hey, no porn in my hard disk!)

LG 20x Secure Burner - What is that secure feature? I also don't know, hope it won't get into my way during reading and writing data.

After Word:
I spent about 5 hours to set up this machine. This is a long time, as I doing it slowly, taking photos, finding right tools, and reading manual book. The tools I used to unscrew and screw include scissor and a screwdriver with big body which can't screw narrow parts.

This is consider my first desktop computer. I used to do all my computing on my 3.9 years old laptop, which I got it in early 2004 as my PMR full As reward. Now it has to be retired, thanks for giving me fun, help me do homework, talk and act story to me.

Don't call me rich bastard as I bought 8800GTS. I don't want to waste my money on directX 9 card, and compare 8600GTS, the price is just 200~300 different, but performance is 3 times better than 8600GTS. So invest on 8800GTS would be much better in long term.

Will do a benchmarking for my PC later, current Vista Rating, I got the following score:

  1. Processor 5.3
  2. Memory 5.9
  3. Graphics 5.9
  4. Gaming graphic 5.9
  5. primary hard disk 5.3

OK OK la, I just hope there won't be any defect, then this PC should stand for 5 years before coming to outdate fate.

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maria said...

wow, new toy huh..looks pretty handsome..

vhanded said...

maria: must make it handsome, so will have mood to sit in front and work with maximum mood~~

Erictan7 said...

finally gt ur com r.. looks cool.. cant wait to lay my hands on it.. haha..

Anonymous said...

Wow huh!! C2D.... cool man!!
Is that your Intel Core 2 Dual CPU perform up to your expectation? Any complaint of it? If nope, then may be I could go for this as well........ huh la!!!


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