Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Summary of 2007

So fast, just a close of eyes, 1 year or 365 days, passed. This year is not very very remarkable year, as some of my wishes not yet achieve. However, it's consider the highest achievement I been.

Here goes the Train, from January to December...

  1. January, was born, while her successor, was abandoned, due to it's low flexibility towards customisation and control. My blog is not yet 1 year old!
  2. Windows Vista Launch, I joined that Vista Hunt event at LowYat Plaza, with team name Bill Gate's Son, although not winning anything, but our team's name seems to be the hot topic~
  3. Trinite 2007: The Last Temptation, a very high cost prom night organize by MMU's club and society, and I am a small working comm in there. Due to certain ass hole people in this event, I grew stronger and smarter and knowing my own weakness. Still need to thanks to him.
  4. MMU Vista Launch, in MMU Melaka Campus, again, the event's director make me learn that: don't be a loser and cocky like him!
  5. I went to the first PC Fair in my life! At KLCC, and realise that how crowded is this city.
  6. I received my first income from blogging, very happy!
  7. My first birthday Cake since 6 years old, I think, thanks to my roommate Tjun Kit and my gang in campus... So touch, but that day I was not happy...
  8. June is the first month I move to Cyberjaya Campus after study at Melaka for Foundation for 1 year. Then I realise, Cyberjaya's living cost is so so high... I can't breath!
  9. The first time I broadcast my voice to the world, thanks to MMU DJ Club, I got the chance to be a on-air DJ. I admit that I am not a professional DJ, mainly due to my deep voice and style, but I very thankful to let me this opportunity to know myself and enjoy~
  10. Malaysia 50th Independent Day Celebration, I am one of the marching member~ Represent PIKOM, and earn RM100 allowance. This is the first time I put attention to Merdeka celebration and towards national affair.
  11. Putrajaya Boulevard Skate is so fun! This is the first time I been there to skate with Su, Hao, and Kok. I started to addict to inline skating.
  12. This is not directly related to me, but Al Gore win the Nobel Peace Prize, of course I very happy! As an environmentalist, this is a good encouragement to all of us on this planet, to love our only house before too late.
  13. My new dream machine! I name him HungryPC, a cute name, but I don't do downloading with him(I respect privacy~)
  14. Christmas Eve at Bintang make me hate KL more. some of the moralless place(and people) make me sick...
  15. My new Wife! Is actually a Seba Skate, but this is just the beginning of Slalom Skates.

New Year 2008 should be much much better than this year, and have to. Glad that my whole family and friends are in good and healthy condition now, and all the time~

I have a simple New Year wish, and I realise only me and her can make this happen...

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Che-Cheh said...

A soon to be gf? hehe

Happy New Year to you and your family!

vhanded said...

che-cheh: thanks! To you and your family too! 2008 is an 'ong' year for Chinese~

narrowband said...

Make it happen, then ;)

Happy New Year and keep blogging.

gazzy said...

happy new year..

vhanded said...

narrowband: Em, I will keep blogging, blogging = life~

gazzy: yes yes, happy new year to everyone!

hcfoo said...

Well, I think you did have a great year with all those things that you join and happens around you. Hahha, yeah I agree with che-cheh, hope you'll find a soon-to-be gf in 2008 ;)

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