Thursday, December 27, 2007

My new Wife!

Sorry to attract you all here with this "attractive" title, the "wife" is not really a wife, but just is my new pair of skates, Seba High!

stand view

Is she beautiful? Sexy? Of course, imported from Singapore, with all money I earned from blogging~

**noted: this post may seem boring to some sportcellless people.

I am so excited to write about this post, as I waited this skates for almost 1 month. Thanks to Kok Min who get it for me. This is the last size 7 in Hvper Sport, Singapore, and won't be ordered anymore, as new model is coming out(more expensive, not enough money).

What is Seba Skates?
Sebastian Laffargue, or Seba, is the designer of this skates. He is crowned as the Slalom King of Paris, and with his skater profile, he design the best skates for slalom.(What is slalom?)

The first glance...
Micro Skate Box
The skates box, not very cool, very simple.

Seba High Black
My wife in the box. Came with 3 pairs of Heel Dampers and alley keys.

Seba High Black Side
Side view of Seba High Black.

foot strap
To my surprise, this pair of skates are much tighter than I thought, as it still new, not yet adapt to my foot's shape yet. Another reason is the Foot strap in the picture above, which make it feel very tight.

Heel Damping System, a pad that put below your heel to absorb impact when doing jumping stunt.

front wheel
Frame length 231mm, very short.

wheel with screw
I assembly my skate wheel. See the screw is so special, straight twist into the frame instead into another female bolt.

The wheels are labelled 85A, which is consider the hardest wheel in market(maybe there is some harder, but 85A is standard for hard wheels).

The bearings are ABEC 7, which is so fast for me who use only ABEC 3 previously. ABEC is the standard to measure the energy required to spin the wheels, the higher the value, the less energy required.

on skate
Skate On! So tight! But maybe 2 or 3 weeks later will adapt to my feet.

Seba signature
Seba's signature! (Although is stitched on...)

First time ON....
I found it's so difficult to wear on it compare to my previous skates, which is size 10 (my feet size is only 7!), with my current size 7 skates.

I don't really make a real skates after open the box, as outside is raining; but in-house testing, I very satisfy with the maneuverity and the tight fit feeling. Only 1 thing not nice, is the new wheels, it's too much grip! Wait until I wear it down to road, should be feel better.

Today's quote:
Don't rain la!

It has been continuous for more than 5 months! Since when raining in Malaysia has no season? Global Warming is becoming serious and serious......

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Ting Tit Lei said...

woah dude thats a cool pair of blades. i used to skate too, mine was a K2. rare to find malaysian whos in to rollerblades heh

Jasonmumbles said...

Congratulations on your purchase. :)

vhanded said...

ting tit lei: yo! Mind to join us? Which area you stay?

jason: thank you! I am so touch to earn it my myself~

narrowband said...

Smaller frame means what? Longer frame means faster, right? For cruising. I've seen damn long K2's.

Harder wheels means they don't absorb bumps very well, do they? Why don't you use softer wheels?

And how much your new wife cost? :D:D... I've always been interested in blades but never really tried it out seriously.

Ah yes I remember the ABEC gradings..

KY said...

like all new wife, they will hurt you. lol

vhanded said...

narrowband: The frame length decide the stability of it. Shorter frame can provide very high maneuverability, but in high speed are difficult to control, good for slalom and stunning.

Longer frame gives consistent stability in high speed, not easy to wobble, but while doing slalom will be difficult.

Soft wheels are good in absorb bump and more grip, good on tar road, but wear off fast. Hard wheels got less grip and more easy to do slalom, and longer lifespan.

And consider about my blades, may not be accepted by entry level skater, SGD432. Recommend recreational skates for beginner to let you get on the path, unless you already make a deep comparison between each skates discipline, like slalom(I love it!) Place to get it? Try

ky: yes, it's hurt, but soon she will adapt to me, haha.

Ting Tit Lei said...

by "used to skate", i mean like when i was 8 or something =p damn small time. now im 18 and i wanna try doing it more seriously. i went to the skateline site and saw some classes and im pretty interested haha

vhanded said...

ting tit lei: yes, variety of skates available there, and if you really serious with it, price is not really a factor. You won't be skate alone, Skateline will have a lot of skating events throughout the year, AT LEAST once a month.

keeyit said...

You like to do that ? Your hobby ?

I do not know how to play that actually.. Not balance le.. kekekke..
nanti jatuh !

vhanded said...

keeyit: it's cool, it's fun, and can train your balancing and how to get up when you fall.

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