Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

The 20th Chinese New Year in my life is coming soon, and since grown up, I had to help out to prepare for the celebration, fix this fix that, buy this buy that.

But today not going to talk about the preparation. HA.

Zodiac sucks. Yesterday I flipped newspaper, and saw the zodiac pages. I finding for Taurus, and read about it's fortune in 2009. Sucks. I am on my own again.

Human is like this, when people talk about good things, happy; if bad things, "I don't believe!"

Anyway, I believe 2009 is a good year~ Welcome the year of cow, moo...


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Boss said...

fortune also got good thing ma.

sioukee said...

The cow looks like you ^^
Happy cny :D

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