Thursday, January 15, 2009

First time to Penang~(part 1)

I am Penangite, but driving in Penang makes me feel like I am some kind of outlander... HA.

With Lee and her roommate Joanne took a morning flight from LCCT to Penang. We missed the first train, caused the following activities delayed, and we arrived late at LCCT at 1045,catching flight of 1110.

"Attention Mr. Oh CheePeng, Ms. Leekian Lim, and Ms, Joanne Puah, kindly proceed to the check-in counter immediately." (broadcast to the whole airport and even on plane for several times)


Immediately ran to check-in counter, passed through scanner, and to the boarding gate. Obviously we are the last 3.

p/s: this is Lee's first flight.

Arrived in Penang after 45 minutes, and waited for my dad to fetch us up, and dropped us at my place. YES! I got car now~

First day, I don't plan to show them around the island, so I Googled for all the destination in Seberang Perai.

St. Anne Church
A place where I passed by many times, but just never step in before. Since there are so limited tourism spot in Seberang Prai, I put this in my list, and it's really nice!

The main hall of the church. Still have other buildings, where a sucky camera like mine can't snap all at once.

St. Anne Water. We are so curious what is "St. Anne water". Is it a fountain? Or a well? When we saw it, "oh...". It's a wall with attached water tap. I am not sure the water is drinkable or what, we just used it to wash our hand. Hopefully after washed will let us pass all our exam~

Take note: We are not Christian. (See the blur spot at the right side? Ish, is the water from St Anne Water... It dried finally but caused a dirt spot over there. I only notice it in the second day)

Fly~ (Don't try this at home)

Mengkuang Dam
The largest Dam in Seberang Perai, that's why Penang's water bill is so cheap. My last time been here is 4 years ago, I think, can't remember at all. But it looks still the same~ So peace

So peace. Lucky the weather is so cooperative, no cloudy, and no hot sun light. I like to look into the water,so relaxing. And always can see orange color fish swim in couple.

Joanne busy taking photos. Non stop one...

Sunway Carnival Mall
Suddenly reminded me of this mall, when heard the radio commercial: "Let's go shopping for CNY at Sunway Carnival Mall!~"

The time is about 5pm, still early, so we went there and walk around. And have a movie, Outlander. Nice movie, we feel.
Our dinner at Is Bowl Rice. Joanne's rice already "messed up", so better don't show here.

The movie ended about 9 plus, last destination for the day is Auto City at Juru, a place for night life.

Then, go home, rest, continue tomorrow. Hoo... A happy day.

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