Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Centimeter's Affair.

I hate to be nerd, but somehow I did what they did.

These are the notes that I read these few days. Total of 21 chapters, averagely 40 slides per chapter, printed into a 6-in-1 handout A4 paper. Which employee need to memorize it...

Consist of 2 subjects: System Analysis and Design, and Software Requirements Engineering. I think is a useful subject in my future, but memorizing it seems... stupid, very.

If want to count the number of pages, I need 2 years. So I used ruler to measure the thickness, hem... about 2cm.

I damn hate this kind of exam. I can understood the facts, rules, I just suck in memorizing those 'properties' and 'factors' and 'bullshit'! (but in my mind, I know which chapter it is, and which section of the notes, which title, too! Just I can't refer... that's sad...)

Sorry if my boredom 'bored' you, I just finished 2 papers continuously.

1 last subject, Computer Security, will be on Friday.

Shit, another 1cm to go. Total 3cm in this semester.

ps: Penang~ I am going to meet you soon~

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casey said...

They call me 'typewriter', because I jot down notes real quick, and a lot of them.
My hand written notes (lecture examples and extra explanation etc) + lecture slides for each subject is unbearable, not forgetting the textbook somemore.

Work hard my friend, you're not alone.

Jia Xing said...
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Boss said...

Computer security.......I remember taking that subject and memorizing LIKE HELL!!!!! SO MANY THEORIES!!!!!!

VHanded Cheepeng said...

ei? You took engineering right? Why take Computer Security?

Boss said...

My major subject, it's in my structure. I took in last sem.

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