Saturday, January 17, 2009

First time to Penang (3)

Second day click here.

Today is last day of their Penang trip, can see that everyone has a kind of tiredness, just like every last day of vacations. Cheer up~ Let's enjoy it~

Morning we went to Raja Uda, a good place for morning food and Chung Ling Butterworth graduates~

Chung Ling Butterworth
Where there is not enough time and out of typical tourism destination, Chung Ling Butterworth can become a good place to visit too.

Guard: "mau buat ape?" (What the purpose of visit?)

Me: "cari cikgu." (meet counselor)

Guard: "Tulis nama sana." (Write your name there.)

Me: "OK~"

Go through.

The time was 10 something, was the school recess time. All students were buying food. I missed the food! Laksa! Rice! Wantan mee!

3 of us started to chat about our school time, compare, critic, seeing those students with short pants, short hair, blue skirt, makes me feel so old... They looked at us like some kind of outlanders.

("Kor kor is your senior, ok?, Don't look at kor kor like that la...")


Took a photo in front of Chung Ling famous "tomb stone". Notice that students who cycle or motorcycle to school is getting lesser. Obvious is, the cars are getting many and many.

Chung Ling is one of rare school with their commandment, and require their students to memorize all of it. Glad I still remember.


Driving searched around Raja Uda and Apollo, I just can't get Jawa Mee for them, it's either finished, or closed. Besides laksa, Jawa Mee is another rare food that hard to get outside Penang.

Nevermind la, Old Town Cafe has Jawa mee too. (sucks one)

We ate prawn mee at one Raja Uda coffee shop, nice~

Queensbay Mall, Penang
It's about 1230pm, and shall go on island, in case they late for the flight at 4pm. A ferry ride during the day is another good experience.

We dropped by Queensbay Mall to have a light shopping. This place makes me so unforgettable... ask me personally if want to know.

Got this little custom made key chain from them.

Kamsahamnida. どうもありがとう。

Interview session
How is Penang?
lee said,
- Penangites drive very well, (and reckless). 
- Penang island more stuff to play and see,
- 2 very good tourism spots I like are Kek Lok Si and Bukit Bendera.
- .........

Reached airport at 1530pm, I am so nervous that they will almost late again, and I never drive to airport before, just assume airport is easily reach by road sign. Lucky there is a half hour delay from AirAsia.

Both girls safely reached Cyberia by 8pm after some waiting and transferring station. Thanks for giving me an unforgettable memories.

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casey said...

personally I thought penang was pretty tourist attraction less except for the beach.
Next time someone wants me to bring them around the place, i'll sure refer back to this itenary. =)

WeN said...

OOOIIITTTT !!!! Vzai !!! u all go queensbay oso din call me~~let me at home sien onli T.T(i wan to go skate at queensbay) !!! i live nearby onli XD~~~plus i can drive u all to airport in 30minutes la(if not traffic n u guys ar not scare of my driving skills XD)

sioukee said...

you should use どうも ありがとう、 instead of とても ありがとう。Ya.. out of boredom, I am such a part pooper.

VHanded Cheepeng said...

casey: haha, i am just a noob.

khai wen: walao, i thought you stay iyer itam... su told me.

sioukee: o really? Thanks~

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