Friday, January 9, 2009

Windows 7

I think this is just a codename for it, the real name... I doubt Microsoft will name it 7.

I am not very excited with this new OS, as I am just using my Vista for only 2 years. After the sales of Vista has not meet the required target, they blame the corporate who don't switch to it, and never think that how much cost required to do a overall system upgrade.

For home user, yea, I support Vista; if I got a company with year 2000 PCs, and want me switch to Vista, go to hell. And I still need to bother with all the compatibility problem some more..

Same case with Windows 7. If Microsoft can't solve the system resources problem, they will end up like Vista, thrust me.

The major improvement that can be "seen" is the support of Multi-touch monitor and voice recognition system upgrade. Can imagine the scene like one of the science fiction movie?


The Beta will be released soon.

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