Saturday, January 17, 2009

First time to Penang~(part 2)

First day click here.

Second day, we departed 9:20am, to Penang Island~ First destination is to fetch up Su. Sorry for not memorize the map carefully, I lost several times just to get to Su's house.

Kek Lok Si
First destination of the day. An old Buddhist temple located at Ayer Itam, the day is so cooperative in the morning too, cloudy.

Pond to "free" turtle. (Actually they still captivated in the pond, just free from some restaurant table)


Walked up the path to the temple, along the path are stalls selling souvenirs, and some beggars, Leekian and Joanne gave them some living. Girls are just kind.

Buddha standing along the wall.

These are the clay roof tiles used to build and expand temples. Our names are written on top the clay, to wish our family a better life.

大雄宝殿 (Da Xiong Bao Dian). Guarded by 5 Buddhas for each directions. The feeling of religion and respect is strong in the temple, makes us so discipline.

Wishing bell. I hit the bell, and wished for something.

万佛宝塔 (Wan Fo Bao Ta), the pagoda of thousands Buddha.

Made up of 9 levels, and can be able to walk up through circular stairs in the pagoda. We walked up the pagoda, and is able to look at half of the island, it's beautiful~


Suddenly, Hao Ming appeared from no where;

(he was holding steering) 

Under neatly arranged tanglung.

See a Koi jumped out from water surface before? I got it with my camera, actually just simply snap the swimming fish, but it jumped. Am I lucky? Yes I am.

Bukit Bendera aka Penang Hill
Just a 5 minutes driving distance away, the time is about 2:45pm and the weather is hot. Just the right time to go on there for a 3 degrees Celsius cooler than surface.

In cable train. 

View from Penang Hill, so high~ Komtar is so small.

Batu Ferringgi
Famous for their beach, and in fact, it's just beach and hotel. Su suggested to go Rasa Sayang Hotel for their beach, so we went there.

Beach under hotel management is always better, because someone do pay and maintain it (of course not us~)

Su and Hao Ming lied on the sunbath chair, while the rest of us playing sand and water, writing names, digging holes.

Digging holes is my favorite activity on beach, dig it near to the sea, and build up a wall, to prevent the waves fill up my holes~

(this is a failed one)

  My name~ wrote by leekian.

"Go into sea!" said Joanne. "No~~" said leekian.

Dinner is at Gurney Plaza. We wanted to have it at Gurney Drive hawker stall, but the weather suddenly not cooperated, rained...

Sakae Sushi we end up. After dinner was a short table pool session. We had fun.

Went back home by ferry. The sky was not clear, and barely seen any stars. However, the air was fresh, because after rain.

So this is roughly second day, everyone was tired, good night~

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