Friday, June 22, 2007

The guy behind this blog.

Wow, saw this meme from Hcfoo site, looks so nice to

Hello, I am VHanded aka Chee Peng, I am 14 years old.

That's a joke.

Actually, I am 19 years old, but still wearing a 14 years old look mask, and when I tell other people I am 14, they believed; when I told them I am 19, they ask: "real ar"?

Born in Penang, 17 May 1988, a Dragon Year in Chinese Calendar, but I am not as fierce as a dragon, but quite quiet. I born in a big family, with both grand parents, parents, and 4 sisters and brothers. Not talkative, unless it means to something, and sometimes I tried to be talkative, but feel like everything I said are bullshit.


I studied in Kwang Hwa Primary School at Butterworth, Penang, and with over average result, I score well in UPSR, and being offered a chance to study in Chung Ling High School Butterworth brunch(familiar? the school that always appear on newspaper after government exam,hehe.)

Secondary study was the best period of my life. The first time in my life, I feel proud, success, failure, and love. I have being a Karate-Do "player" in my school co-curriculum since form 1. In form 3, I was awarded MVP by my master, and in form 4, Penang state level, and form 5, national level.

playing in school gym.

Later, I was chosen to undergo National Service in Padang Besar, Perlis, the northeast place I ever been before. The training there is not that stress to me, as 5 years of Karate training already trained me well. In the camp, accidentally, I felt in a cunning feeling, which I think this is immature, but thanks to her who changed my life, hope you find your happiness.

Can you find me? Click to enlarge.

Now, in Multimedia University aka MMU. Here, I have my many first time: first flight, first dinner that exceed RM25 per meal, first high class coffee, first meal in Secret Recipe, and first time having someone celebrated birthday with me. And I learn something: to experience, need to pay....

My first flight.

However, I still prefer my life in secondary school, everything was so peace, friends are so near. Now although I have flexible life, but I am not happy, I feel like lack of something, I don't know. Is this a common period that faced by everyone?

Recent photo of me.

OK, I think this is the brief history of mine, and this guy of history will keep writing the steps into the future.



One more, I am single, for those who like baby face boyfriend, can send e-mail to me, hihi. Feel free to add me to your Friendster at v.handed[a]gmail[dot]com, there have more pictures.

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bobby said...

yo brother....seems like u had lotsa first times after coming off fr home in penang.... :D
ur mmu campus at melaka? studyin IT eh? how's the course? tough?
btw, i'm 18 n currently studyin in sg....doing junior college (like form 6) freakin tough...

Jasonmumbles said...

You do look like a kid. Ha!

Kleio the Muse said...

*Grin* You do look like a kid. Very much so. Very cute but too thin to be cuddly. You know what, having a baby face can be a blessing in disguise... never age quite as fast as ppl around you. Remaining forever young and being the envy of all. Muahahahahaa.

Looks like we do have something in common i.e. I have the baby face look too. Even though I am now already married with a kid... people still ask me if I am still schooling. How nice. Hahaha.

Anyhow, I do know it wasn't always a bed of roses with such a young childish look. Especially in the corporate world (working life). People just seems to think that you can be taken advantage of. Our opinions are taken lightly and without much thought. In the end, we have to strive harder than other to be heard and respected. So, I guess, life is fair after all.

It's nice knowing more about you ;) Like the way you smile... so genuine and sweet. It brightens up the world. So keep smiling :)

vhanded said...

jason: i heard that many times in my life, boring.

kleio: I strongly agree the last part of your comment, my baby face make me very difficult to express opinion in a group of people, and I experience once to said the same point to my director of an campus event for 3 times, he didn't give a damn, and talk to other members. I so scare to tell him the same idea again, is it my idea sucks? Or he never put an attention on me? When I talk, like no one will hear it, and this make me don't like to talk among people, as I always thought people will just ignore me, unless I show some special skill that everyone needs me.

Another habit of me is to answer other questions, no matter it's pointless or not, because I am the one who always experience answerless situation, so I know the feeling when no one answer you, it's hurt, like not exist.

OK, this also make me single until now. Anyway, any nice girl to intro? hehe.

Erictan7 said...

Oh man.. u ask ppl to intro gal to u, i 1 intro to u u reject.. haha..i can intro those sui sui n sexy 1 to u man.. haha

Kleio the Muse said...

The best thing is just to continue to voice your opinions confidently and not letting others put you down. Show them you do know what you are doing. Talk the talk and then walk it. Show it to them. They will surely realise what they have been missing one fine day.

Err.. bout playing 'mui-yan'... I don't have any gals to intro at the moment wor. The gals I know are either married or too old for you wor :D

Che-Cheh said...

Baby face look nice want ppl to call you ahpek when you're in your mid 20s? hehehe

vhanded said...

Cheh-cheh: not that serious la, but I think i experience a minor hair fall...

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