Friday, June 29, 2007

Me with Digi Yellow Man.

Digi Yellow Man always been the best mascot out of the 3 mobile phone service provider, with the simple and soft song: I will follow you..., already won a lot of fans, but not me, I am neutral, in fact, I am Maxis Postpaid user.

Yesterday when I went to The Curve, I saw 2 Yellow Man in action, and I quickly take the chance to snap some photo with them.



Digi is the sponsor of the blockbuster movie, Transformer. I just watched it yesterday night in 1 Utama(not The Curve!). The photo I took with Digi is at Cineleisure, but after that I walked back to 1 Utama for Optimus Prime. Crazy?

Here are some video clips about Digi VS Celcom(but Digi always lose), I don't know who is the designer, but please just take it as entertainment.

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Erictan7 said...

I will follow u... hahha.. damn it, transformers rocks!!

Che-Cheh said...

I admit I like all the 'Yellow Man' ads but I will never change to Digi. Hotlink forever!!!

Btw I heard trasformers is best...true?

yung . said...

eeek! i always wanted to take photo with those digi yellow man lor, but we are like not fated, anywhere i go they won't b there..

finally got the 2nd video alreay! haha can't wait for the 3rd ones lolz!

YHO said...

Ha ha, that's cool!

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vhanded said...

Eric: Yea, Transformer rocks! If I am lucky enough to get a back seat, maybe the effect is much more better!

Cheh-Cheh: I like Digi, but I don't use Digi, no 3G. Btw, Transformer is a must match movie!

Yung: Yea, I am just a bit lucky. Last time saw a shotting team in A-Famosa, wearing Digi t-shirt, i thought there will be yellow man, but nothing. Now I got the chance!
Will there be 3rd one?

YHO: yea, it's cool to promote your blog like that...~~~

bobby said...

i just watched transformer at vivocity, rox like crazy!

n btw, that digiman is funny, though it can look dumb at times too :)

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