Friday, June 29, 2007

My first spaghetti.

2 days ago, I try my very virgin spaghetti cooking skill, hehe. With a very limited tools, I try it, with Eric.

OK, first get a pack of spaghetti, cheese, meat balls, hot dog, and the main taste source: garlic and tomato sauce.

Then,..... shit, where is the can opener?! So I walked to the opposite road to get a lousy can opener, very manual, not the mechanical type, and cost me RM3.80, damn. Pour the sauce into a bowl and put it into electric oven(I don't have microwave oven).DSC08313

Fill the steamboat boiler with water, and put all the spaghetti into it. According to the package notice, it just need to boil for 9 minutes, but after 15 minutes, it still not soft enough, maybe the boiler is not set to enough power.

After 20 minutes, the sauce and cheese in the electric oven still not hot enough. Electric oven sucks! In the hungry condition, I took the sauce and pour into metal cup, and put on the steamboat boiler to heat it up, hehe. I tasted the spaghetti, and realized I didn't add salt...

giant serve.


Then, I think everything is fine, and started to divide the spaghetti into 3, but, that 1 packet amount is enough to divide into 5 persons! Luckily there are 6 persons in my house, can finish it. But the problem is, we just cooked 1 can of tomato sauce, so have to divide into 5, and the taste is not enough.


look nice right?

Here is the outcome! Chef vhanded first spaghetti!

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Che-Cheh said...

Ahhh so this is your first spaghetti. Not bad...looks yummy!

Why do you want to heat the sauce in the electric oven and not on a stove?

vhanded said...

cheh-cheh: yes, i agree with the look, but not the taste. I didn't put salt, and the sauce is not enough after divide into so many plates.

I cook the spaghetti in my hostel, no stove there, sad.

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