Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Learn the Universe from Earth with Meade MySKY

Previously I watched an old movie, named Contact. It's 1997 movie. The story is about a young female astronaut, name Ellie, who received signal from outer space and the respond of her and the entire planet to that signal. That movie is a good inspiration for many people to realize that we are just a small small fraction of dust in this universe, and we have to learn more, and more.

Meade MySKY: Hottest New Astronomy Gadget
For those who like to watch and learn stars, nebulas and galaxies, I believe you all have the same problem: difficult to locate the system's location. Even a professional astronaut can't point out the exact location of the systems accurately. Now, a new gadget called Meade MySKY, with 30 thousands of celestial objects database stored into it, and a color LCD screen, with a simple point-shoot-and-identify way to guide you through the ocean of stars.


Where to get it?
wow, seems like you are interested with it. This cool gadget can be found at www.OpticsPlanet.net, with other astronomy tools like best telescopes and binoculars, with very reasonable price that you can get in the market. Browse around the website, and I sure you will find something that you love.

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