Wednesday, June 6, 2007

PayPerPost is crazy.

Walao, this morning, when I sign in into my PPP account, PayPerPost is giving an opportunity entitle Do You Love PPP? It's simple, just write a testimonial about it, and create a buzz, and $25 is mine! But look carefully, it's a video post! This make me stop dreaming...


I think the traditional way to write sponsored post is the best way.

What say you?

-this is not a sponsored post-haha

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Stupe said...

I got excited with the offer as well, but it's a video post. i still prefer textual entry!

hcfoo said...

should try start vloging then.

vhanded said...

stupe: me too, i prefer traditional textual entry, type and post, although the paid is lower.

hcfoo: vloging? bloging? what is that?

Che-Cheh said...

yes me too prefer text entry.

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