Thursday, June 21, 2007

Days Without Internet Connection.

A computer that without an Internet connection, is almost equivalent to junk. - Internet addicts

Since last Monday when I came to KL with my father, I am almost outdated. I live without Internet connection, no blogging, no surfing, no online banking, no communicating, almost no everything, and even no chance to read blogs of you all. 

Some important procedures for PTPTN loans and credit transfer faced problem; my new PC order process also got stucked; course registration almost get screw; however, I still manage to read and reply e-mails from my phone, thanks to the coolest Gmail App.

One thing I won't forget is, during the course registration, we need to be fast to get the perfect time slot, therefore, I have to sacrifice my 3G connection to connect online using laptop with my phone as modem, and it's damn damn expensive! During peak hour(7am~7pm) is 1 cent per kb, while during off-peak(7pm~7am) is 0.5 cent per kb. I did it at night, and it's cheaper, but still cost me RM10++! shit!

During the isolated period, the only and cheapest way to online is to carry my laptop, and walk about 950 steps to library, and steal some WiFi signal from outside of library...

Now I got my connection, but that stupid system only allow 1 PC to connect to Internet in 1 time, sucks service, not enough for 7 persons in my house, so will apply for Streamyx, have to wait again...

Kleio, I still owe you some tutorial to create template, and Hcfoo, I still owe you 1 meme, will write it as soon as possible.

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