Saturday, June 9, 2007

I think this is my first car accident.

Yesterday, me, Yue Wen, Hooi Chew, and Zhao Yi went to Pacific, or exact place is the Vietnamese Restaurant at China Town, for some chit chat. I didn't see her for so long time, and she really have long hair, as I thought.

We chat until quite late, until we are the last customers of the day, and I have to send her back. On the way, I told her 1 sentence I never said before: 我还没发生过意外啦。(means I never involve in car accident before), and she quickly reply "choi!"(a common respond of Chinese when heard people said some unlucky sentence). 

When almost arrived her house, I drove to the wrong side, so I reversed my car, I look into the reverse mirror, and see nothing, then I pressed more gas to reverse, and suddenly "bee!!" (reverse indicator) and followed by "pong!!"(K.O.!).... Holy shit, not that evil? People said that it is very unlucky if you said you never involve in accident, is it true?

From scientific way to explain this, I think the person who said that will be surrounded by over confidence, and thus lead to some accidents.

Broken Bumper

I knocked another car, and ran away like coward... After that, feel so guilty, like want to go back and pay for something. (if serious)

Never over confidence in handle your life. I can't sleep for the whole night, not because of that accident, but another common problem for teenagers. Thanks for Li Shian who try comfort me, although not really effective.

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hcfoo said...

From The Secret explanation, you just told your subconscious mind that 'accident' word. And hence you got yourself one. Instead of saying you never have an accident before say I'm a careful driver :)

And I don't think there's anything to do with over confidence.

Haha...good that you come back and settle with the car owner that u banged.

Jasonmumbles said...

LOL. Deja Vu!

Next time be more careful.

How's result?

Kleio the Muse said...

Glad you are ok. That crack would surely cost ya tho.

Be more careful next time.... even when there's a pretty gal sitting next to ya. ;) lol

Eric said...

OMG, u get accident also din call me.. ppl ok can d. becareful next time =)

vhanded said...

Hcfoo: sorry to let you disappointed, I didnt go back to settle it, but I really want to. I tried to ask my friend about the condition of the car .

walao, what deja vu? you also happen the same shit?

Kleio the muse: em, she is kind of cute.

eric: paiseh la, my handphone money not enough to call the whole kampung.

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