Thursday, November 22, 2007

Don't think I am so nice to bully....

Just now afternoon break, me and friends went to this restaurant for lunch. Don't be fool by the nice looking, their foods are so normal, and damn expensive!

2 months ago, they increased their price list, but never increase the quantity... So of course everyone expect their service improve. But this afternoon, I really fuck up by the waiter there:

  1. 1. We sit there for more than 5 minutes, no one even bother us, even I waived my hand many times.
  2. 2. They took the wrong order.
  3. 3. Other table's customer got the same food that we order even they came later.
  4. 4. My friend and I ordered Nasi Goreng, but they just came 1 plate.
  5. 5. They charge the wrong price for me.

What I do?
Of course "wash" them la! I called a waiter, and using angry tone to talk ask him:

me: mana saya punye nasi goreng?
waiter: er... tengah buat, nanti, nanti...
me: buat apa!? 1 Nasi goreng kena buat setengah jam ke? Kenape meja tu lambat, tapi dia dapat dulu?!
waiter: tengah buat tengah buat...
me: suruh u punye boss mari!
waiter: sedang buat...(walk away)

me: where is my fried rice?
waiter: er... cooking,wait, wait...
me: cook what?! 1 plate of rice need to fried half an hour? Why that customer order later, but he got the food first?
waiter: cooking, cooking...
me: call your manager here!
waiter: cooking...(walk away)

Really piss off, we have 1 hour break, and waste more than half an hour waiting, for food, waiting for them to take order, and waiting for them to do mistake.

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生番薯 said...

boss also tengah buat??

vhanded said...

rawpotato: dia tu gila la... They are foreign labor, maybe not really good in Malay, but I still hold the right to scold him!

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