Tuesday, November 20, 2007

RMMU Carnival, Happy Birthday!~

Do you all know that MMU have their own radio station? Most people don't realize that, but this is the first online radio station in Malaysia, cool leh?

Not only the first, this radio station, RMMU which handle by DJ Club is even cooler! Why? It's just cool, no reason.


This week is RMMU's birthday! Me as just a working committee was busy these days, selling our own design of car signage, cool is it?

This is my idea sentence:


And other very 'diao' words too.

Yesterday, which is the first day of RMMU Carnival, we invited the Astro New Talent winner, Anthony Chang to perform and announce his new EP, Music Wonderland. Situation is not really really hot, as the weather is hotter. Many people bought his EP and queue for his autograph, left me, who pocket empty stand aside, take photo enough.


Today, is My FM Ford Rangers and 2 DJs(I don't really know, because every time I just on radio and listen, don't know the DJ). And as usual, "Rangers" will give out freebies, cheap freebies, like magazine, tissue paper, and stickers.


Questions need to be answered to win freebies, first question: who is the most beautiful DJ in My FM? Then is, Who is the tallest DJ in My FM? Who is the most handsome DJ in My FM? Who is...? And there is only the same answer.


Green Box in Campus? Never see before leh...


Tomorrow? Stay Tune.

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narrowband said...

Wow even Greenbox went. Good publicity huh. Well done to the committee members :) You too, since you're part of the team.

vhanded said...

narrowband: This is why this club so cool, haha. I am just working committee, not big planner behind the stage la, but I agree that to work out an event, all screw and nuts need to work together, not just the processor.

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