Sunday, November 18, 2007

Saturday Night Skates!

Yesterday night was my first time to SNS, Saturday Night Skates, a skating event by Skateline that held monthly. To my surprise, there is no rain, yahoo!

We reach Damansara by 8pm, and equipped ourselves. Only VHanded, Su, and How were the 'representatives' from MMU.



OK Let's Go!
After Steve the Black explained the route and giving lucky draws, we skated!

Along the road straight up, we reached a residential area, and there is a security guard blocked us, then this is the conversation between Steve and security(not exactly same word by word):

Steve: Encik, kita mau masuk cari kawan saje, boleh tak?

guard: cari siapa?

Steve: XXX, kita masuk dan cakap 'hi', then keluar.

guard: berapa orang?

Steve: ini saje.

guard: ok la.

Then we skated in, but do not find 'friend', we just skated round and round, fool the guard.

That's a very very fun community event, I learned a lot of facts during the few hours, and thanks to Kelvin who told me that Seba skates at Singapore can be obtained with 20% discount if I am member! Few more sponsored post to go. Seba High, one day I will ride on you and maneuver through the cone!

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Anonymous said...

lame guards...n ppl keep wondering why crime rates keep -Loong-

vhanded said...

Loong: We are not thieves! But that's true, those security guard from Indonesia knows nothing, easy to trick with candy.

hcfoo said...

Seems like MMU students are very sporty and active. I have a friend from MMU and she's actively involved in futsal and badminton. I don't really see this in other local uni.

vhanded said...

hcfoo: ya, we are so active, but still not active enough(i think la), because of study pressure.

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