Thursday, November 8, 2007

Putrajaya Skates with Skateline

I am addicted with speed!

This morning is the Skateline community skates event held at Putrajaya Boulevard, actually is open to Skateline skate school members to test their skills, but us(me, kok, su, and How) without any relation with it(except we all are skaters) go there and join their skates.

Starting at Putrajaya Mosque, we skate along the Boulevard and come back, total length is about 6km, with skates! Walking is so slow! Skating too make greener environment, haha!

3 monkeys who first time saw camera...

group photo with Skateline members, see me?

Steve in the middle.

My skates while skates.

I hate my hairstyle while doing sport!

4 monkeys--Me, Su, How, and Kok lying on floor.

This is not Photoshop ya! 

Cute little girl at The Curve talking with cow...

Skating is really fun, just the skates is kind of pricey, but if you serious with a hobby, money will be secondary in your consideration...(although still play a very very huge roles!)

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khayshi said...

Once crazy over inline skating. Got a good pair for over 2oo bucks. it's now lying back home.
Didn't really skated over 10 times before left for KL.

Erictan7 said...

ur crazy bout skating, like i m with football.. hehe

vhanded said...

khayshi: Take up again la! It's a good sport!

erictan7: yeah you're right!

Bengbeng said...

wow..looks great..during my time it was roller skates with four wheels :)
u look cool in the second last pic. wow wow wow..u seem to b flying

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