Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Prices increase, wages remain.

I really salute most Malaysians who still can survive under this big pressure, especially those low-mid-range families.

During the last Hari Raya festive, price of enrich wheat flour was increased, from RM1.70 to RM1.80 per kg, or RM0.10, or 10 cents, if you can't understand that amount.

OK, we Malaysians still can stand for that 10 cents, but hate those companies who never consider their customers, like Gardenia bread, which they increase the price from RM1.90 to RM2.10 per loaf of bread!


1 Pack is JUST 400g
I am a regular bread eater, with jam, butter, but mostly eat it blankly, and I prefer the market leader, Gardenia.  After the 3 weeks holiday, I realized that all Gardenia's products were increase in price. From their small bun to giant size bread, all increase prices in a very abnormal rate. Even worst, the mighty size Gardenia Bread increased 30 cents! Look like I will say NO to Gardenia bread, until they do something.

Don't say I kiam siap, I know we all can afford 20 cents, but, what they can explain for the 20 cents I paid? Give to their share holder's commission? F**K OFF!! When the price drop again, their prices never drop.

All Malaysian companies who increase price with unacceptable rate during EVERY prices increase in raw materials are so SHAMELESS!

Do consumers know that, PLUS toll profit was almost RM1.13 billion this year? See the keyword, is PROFIT, not revenue, and is BILLION, not million. So why the fu*k they want to increase the toll?! Can't they don't know how important they are on Malaysia's economy? A 50 cents increase in toll charge will trigger RM0.50 in all items!!

Worst than pig! Brainless! All just for share holder's benefit, and those country junk minister like Sami Vellu.

1 day if I pass the toll, will give them all coins, in 1 cent!

If there is no consumers, your company will die, no matter how many investors you got. We are your key to survive, not your target to slash.

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Jasonmumbles said...

The maximum amount of coins you can give in 1 cent form is RM2. Heh!

Oh well, they can afford the price increase in raw material without passing down the cost to the consumers. What they can't afford is the loss in their profit. :)

Erictan7 said...

good point you got there. Till now the government and companies must know that this is not the right way to treat customers. I like your quote "we are your key to survive, not your target to slash". Please be considerate to the people. When all the prices go up, things like wan tan mee n char koay teow will up.. 1 day mcdonalds will be the cheapest food around..

vhanded said...

jason: ok, RM2 is equal to 200 1 cent, I got time.

eric: Malaysia's company have less business moral, increase price in extreme rate, and never decrease price while economic become good...

Che-Cheh said...

Nice revenge...I'll do the same (if I have 200 1 cent) hahaha

RGB said...

ask samy velu 2 step down lar....did nothing 4 indians!!!

vhanded said...

RGB: sami velu ar... what to do? He should stay at Lunas the time he lost his seat in election.

bobby said...

wah banyak mahal...semua benda increase harga.... :(

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