Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What a.... crazy experience.

Yesterday night, me, Lih Shian, Kam Leng, went to KL, for their exam-end relax, and my new sem start warm up (such warm up?). And here give you all a good advice: The Exodus, 出埃及记, by Simon Yam, is really a "great" movie! I wait for the exciting part to happen, but none, and end up with "THE END" whole movie is for Oscar people only, sleep!

ok, movie over, and Secret Recipe, then bought a speaker for my new PC from LowYat, then another round of hawker stall. Kam Leng's Bak Kut Teh cost RM9, and then I know why KL people love Secret Recipe and Starbucks, which is kind of luxurious shop to us, we are so poor...

Stay Tune, exciting part started!
Saying bye bye, wave hand, and they heading to Universiti station, while I heading to Pasar Seni, waiting E1 Bus to back to Putrajaya, that time is 10:20pm. Weird, after 1 hour of waiting, I getting worried, and asked the Officer there, and shit, the last bus to Putrajaya is 10pm! OK, screw it, I got other options yet.

Going back to KL Sentral, and KTM to Bandar Tasik Selatan. Guess what? "Next departure time: 0545"......... ok, nice timing, I wasted another few Ringgits. Without thinking, I choose to back to Pasar Seni to take U41 bus back to Mines, where my housemate Su can fetch me, easier.

I am so lucky! The time is 11:30pm, there is only one last bus there, and it's U41! I get on the bus, and the driver told me: "sudah habis la", and off the lights, drove away.

The Night just started
OK, dead, and maybe a good thing too, I got something to write for today's blog. I spent my night in Pasar Seni station, lucky I bought a book, can read and spent time until tomorrow morning. I sms Su, my housemate, that I won't go home. Until 12pm, security guard halau me away from Putra Station, and I walk around with speakers, get life support--bread, from 7 Eleven, and stay in a hotel........lobby.

Worse case happen, What the hell?
My handphone battery dead, I lost contact with people. Lucky I am little smart ass, copy down all important contact first before it dead. When I phoned Su again, he is coming to fetch me, I think a while, em, ok too, try this crazy experience next time la.

When He and Yeoh arrived, WOW! They are like shining! Angel! Glad to be home! Not bad experience huh? KL night is so quiet~ Who experience before?

This is my new Speaker, Sonic Gear Spectra 200, RM59 only, not a powerful speaker, as I don't blast, just need to listen some sound enough.


Whole PC
woofer on the ground.

When I am asking for more miracles, maybe miracle is already appeared....

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Anonymous said...

You better go and brush up your English. Bad, real bad.

vhanded said...

anonymous: I trying to use talking style into writing style, so this blog is not that serious tone and relax... Maybe not your taste, you can go and read Oxford Dictionary.

khayshi said...

Erm, just for you to know, I'm not in the conflict.
Just wanna say, it's such an amazing experience. ^^

If KL is a safe place, I'd like to do that too ^^

yung . said...

Waseh, why didn't you take a cab back?

Erictan7 said...

luckily u got su and yeoh.. they r good housemates.. haha.. fetch u ko.. it gd 2 copy down important numbers.. i do tat too.. for safety and when ur hp battery's dead. time try buying a cup n sleep beside the road. when u wake up maybe u earn rm100 d... lol..

vhanded said...

yung: cab is expensive! I rather use that money to earn some experience.

erictan7: walao, then I must be the most luxurious bagger in the world... With a speaker.

Anonymous said...

walao..i nv knw u were caught in tat situation until i saw this..really -Loong-

vhanded said...

loong: i don't want you all worry, so never tell you all lo... But it's a nice situation, if not because of the speaker and tomorrow class, I hope I can be there walk around, haha.

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