Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cry~~ My skate ar!!

After the Putrajaya skates, I realized that my skate's cuff has a weird feeling, feel like less support, and difficult to tighten it.

After inspected it, oh no!!

See the difference between left and right? Yes, the silver button(or the right term is Cuff Button Axles) that use to tightened the cuff to the boot was gone! Must be loosen half way while enjoying skates!

I searched Google for help, and only returned an online shop that selling my skates' spare part, it's call EndLessRoll, tag with about RM50 without delivery charge yet! Damn!

I asked Terence, a Singaporean slalom skaters where to get the replacement for the Cuff Button Axles, and realized that Singapore is selling at only 2 SGD. EndLessRoll really con people!

Terence, which he so kind to send me a replacement, without any charge. I really appreciate that, really, thanks.

After I receive the cuff button, let's slalom!

Some personal:
Today so happy, very happy. Why? Happy need only a simple reason.

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1 comment:

christina said...

So great to skate le,but u din got chance to teach me hehe!! but happy that you are happy~~~

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