Monday, July 14, 2008

A Funny Dream~

Last night I got a weird dream. Here it goes:

Oh no! Alien invasion! They are killing people around with super laser beam! So I have to get away from houses and city, and hide in the jungle~

independence day

So, what should I pack? Food! A lot of food! And also shirts! I packed my backpack and sling bag with food and shirts, and ready to leave the house.

Hey wait! My tennis racquet! Newly bought, used twice only, should I take together? And also my skates, I love it so much, but it's heavy! Em, maybe I can skate away when alien see me? No, no way. And also my computer! Perhaps I need to take out the hard disk and leave the rest, and also my Windows Vista DVD~






And I woke up, realize everything is just a dream, then it's time to start my day.

Haiz, never thought in the key moment, I still think of these stuff... But if it's real, I will take a lot of food, some shirt, sharp weapons, laptop, and camera, haha~

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