Monday, July 7, 2008

Melaka Day 3 -- Beach

This is continued from previous post Melaka Day 2

Recall the last time I went beach, is during my Foundation study around Aug 2006. Although I live in Penang, has plenty of chance to go beach, but due to unknown reasons, I just never been to beach, listen to sea, touch the sand for this long of time.


Pantai Kundur
I went the beach once years ago, and it's still clean, still peace. Walk on the sand, walk in the water side, feel the wave.

See a sudden hole in the sand, then will dig it out and find is there is any creature in it, but every time it's nothing, don't know how the hole formed.



Falix holding this little creature.

3D... Not so impressive "art".

Digging "something".

Code of "LOVE". Easy to write, but how to compile?

I can fly!

1 handed stand.

This one consider Se7en?

Beautiful sunset.

Love natural scene so much, and these can't be found in KL. Love the food there, the food price there, the people there, the scenery there.

Falix asked me: "Come back la, come back Melaka la~"

Yup, I know Melaka is good, and I choose Cyberjaya is also because of Software Engineering Course doesn't available in Melaka. But if I choose Melaka at the beginning, there won't be current "me" with current "friends" and current "storyline".

The next day, or today morning, we came back, and attend 11am class~ Melaka, next time la!

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hcfoo said...

Wah u can stand with one hand! Hehe, i like the 3D fingers.

yung . said...

Melaka is boring. Reading your posts made my hair stand, not because of you, but because of the scary melaka. -.-

VHanded Cheepeng said...

hcfoo: Actually just for that second only, after the shuttle, fall, haha. The finger? ha!

yung: this prove that you never come Cyberjaya. ha!

sioukee said...

Seems like having a lot of fun. :)

VHanded Cheepeng said...

sioukee: yup, i love life in Melaka, so relax, so natural.

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