Monday, July 7, 2008

Melaka Day 1 -- Warm UP.

Ha, I was offline for 3 days, missing from busy life, no homework, no online notes, no event's pressure.

After left Melaka in May 2007, I never go back there. (Actually once, but for DJ Club Promotion, no time to look around at all.) So last week during lunch, a sudden "desire" pass by our mind, we decided to go down Melaka for the weekend~

3 guys Down South
Me, Su, and Hao, straight drove down there from Cyberjaya after Friday class, and to my surprise, it just spent 1 and half hour at average 125km\h!

On the way~

Ixora and U-Center! A lot of new shop lots opened, and the same old shops before I left Melaka still remain there, like U-Center Food Court, U-Center Minimart, Habib Mamak Shop etc.

Emerald Park. Now divided into 2 parts, 1 remain as EP, another became co-ed Apartment that can be rented long term (months) or short term(days).

The day we went there MMU IT Society was organizing IT Fair, and that IT Fair is BIGGER than PIKOM IT Fair in Melaka, as usual.

FOSEE Classroom! Miss the seat so much.

This is Falix's terantula, she got a big fat ass, and very lazy to walk around. Oh ya, forgot to say, during the 3 days, we stayed at Falix house, thanks!

When the time I left Melaka, there was nothing: no cinema(MP that one not counted), no entertainment; now they have 2 cinemas, 1 with largest screen in Malaysia! Damn it!

This is MBO, I guess it stand for Melaka Box Office. Not very typical cinema design, Hao said it looks like casino... But not bad, quite a lot movie chasers.

From Falix house at MMU Corner (food court name), we walked to MBO at Melaka Mall, just need 20 minutes, so near! When I say near, I mean compare to Cyberjaya, from my house walk to my faculty needs more than 15 minutes!

Hancock, we watch. I always love Will Smith's movie, this one doesn't disappoint me too.

So first day was passed with MMU Re-Tour and Melaka Mall visit, then slept, the time was 3am!

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F_M said...

Darn. You did not even stop and say hi to me. I was at the it fair the Whole 3 days working.

VHanded Cheepeng said...

f_m: I don't know la... next time sure!

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