Monday, July 7, 2008

Melaka Day 2 -- Explore.

This is continue from Melaka Day 1.

Guess most visitors to Melaka will NEVER miss the icons, like St. Paul Church, A' Famosa, Jonker Street etc. I visited the places several times while I still in Melaka, but everything still fresh for me. Hao is among us who never been Melaka before, he was STPM intake and never attend Foundation course in MMU Melaka.

Rented a car to go on.
First we asked for taxi.

Me: bang, sini pi DP berapa?
Driver: DP ar... RM20!
Me: Har? Dulu saya belajar sini baru RM12. Satu tahun naik sampai RM20 ar?
Driver: ini macam la, you boleh tanya saya punye boss.
(following is rubbish conversation)

SO we don't take taxi, they all crazy! Instead, we rent a car from MMU staff, 1 hour for RM6.

This is one thing that never exist when I left Melaka. It's a paronama viewer that enough to view the whole Melaka.

...... My head still can't touch the plane.

Real Hancock in action.

"This mark the arrival of us in Melaka 2008"

V to the ship.

Since small, everyone loves to pose with this "bomb", kids love to sit on top, teenagers love to pose disgusting posture with it; I don't know which posture I should stand...

I am so tiny in this big stadium. But I love this pic~

This is Melaka Mosquito Breeding Facility. I don't know the exact purpose and historical value of it, because the explanation sign on the "well" was gone, stolen or lost I don't know.

The day is getting dark. We move to another happening place -- Jonker Street.

Chinese Opera actors were dressing up. They have performance almost every night, but too bad I can't understand it.

Wooden mask selling at one of the stall. It's nice~

This is the popular Coconut Spearing with Finger Show. There is almost every time will get injury, but he still insist to perform.

Why he do so?
First and most obvious, he is promoting his medicine which claim can heal wound in minutes. But I do appreciate he can actually draw a lot of attention from foreign visitors~

Before end the day, we did something, something that we wanted to tried for so long -- Skate in MMU Melaka!

MMU Melaka, Conquered!

Yer, why I jumped like a chicken...?

President Square Monument~

OK, this day also ended up at 3am, have to sleep lo, stay tune for day 3.

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