Sunday, July 27, 2008

Long Time never been to Time Square~

Since last century, I never been to Time Square, KL. A lot people don't like this place, and describe this place as "High class" pasar, with a lot "buy 1 free 3" promotions, and a lot "lala"(s)(gangster-look teenagers) and students in school uniform.

If not because GSC, I won't come here anymore...

Yesterday is JinJing's birthday~ as her ex-schoolmate, I shall go and greet her. (plus relax a while, I never watch hang out in malls for months!)

So early in the morning, with Tjun Kit from Cyberjaya, taking the god damn slow Rapid KL T429, to Putrajaya Sentral, and take another Rapid KL E1 to KL Sentral. Damn, 2 hours passed.

We hang around in Time Square, and watched The Dark Knight. Em, 3 out of 5 scores for the movie. The Joker is really talented, it's a big lost to movie industries. (The actor dead after completed filming the movie)

Oh ya, we do walk to Pavillion Mall for lunch~ Our tradition meal, Pizza, again.

Pizza Hut in Pavillion. The girl who "shorter" than me is Queen of the Day, Jin Jing, happy birthday!

We are ex-school mate~

Group photo. Jin Jing insisted not to stand in front, and end up the pic is like celebrating my birthday, wth?

Actually is because we planned to have a Special Birthday Song for her, to sing it in middle of mall, when we have our signal to start singing, she shouted and ran away~ What a shy girl...

Em, a day passed. This is not a good blog update, just want to update something. Hmm...  Have been quite headache these days. I think...

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yung . said...

"to have a Special Birthday Song for her, to sing it in middle of mall,"

HAHAA I also always do that! It's so funny to see the birthday bird shock in RED face LOL!

Cailin Yates 16785083 Arbonne International said...

so I followed a thread to you and I guess I am glad to find a posting in English ;-) I don't speak any Asian languages at all so I would be lost :-)
I haven't seen Dark Knight but wish to - it sounds like a fun birthday for your friend.
And I learned something silly - your profile says you are year of the Dragon - I did not know there was a Dragon year - I must look up my children -
thank you

suern said...

since i found out u hv a blog
quite often i check
when i hv the time
i do read most of them
u r such cool to have all these post
i think i ll be lazy 2
type the pin yin then i give up writing the post

is great to receive ur comment too
u may not know that it make up my day

VHanded Cheepeng said...

yung: Ha, but too bad she ran away...

cailin: woo~ nice to see some oversea visitor drop comment in my blogs~ thanks!

suern: really? Will write more interesting post! stay tune!

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