Thursday, July 3, 2008

MMU wants to impose RM100 IT Charge!

In MMU (Money Making University), since the new Press-it-turn, the so called Prof. Dr. Zaharin bitch Yusoff taken over the throne, the people of this land has been devastated.

We have been planned to impose RM100 for EVERY students in MMU, for IT Charge, which include MMLS, Online System, Internet connection.

This is totally ridiculous. During the talk session between us and president, he talk a lot of cocks, more than KFC cocks. Some very "classic" lies are:

1) MMU have no PROFIT. (F**K you!)
2) The cost are use to upgrade the server system. (so after the server upgraded, you won't charge us anymore? Or you need to upgrade the server every year?)

etc. (I left half way due to another class going on)

This talk session was started at 3PM, which is the peak hour that most students are having  their class.

Are you MMU getting dumb ass? So if less students can attend, less person can talk the FACT with you? You have no HONOR Mr. Press-It-Turn.

Check out this big cock officer! Beside him the bald man is our "Press-it-turn". 

My thought:
Arab Saudi is an oil exporter country, so their people benefit from their dirt cheap oil price, cheaper than mineral water; TM (or Telekom Malaysia) claim themselves as so called "leader" in Malaysia Broadband Service Provider, but can't even provide it's university students with free Internet and IT services, why?

The Family of Zaharin.

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Tien Soon said...

Sign the petition at

Saying Money Making University makes no profit, is the most cocking talk of all. It's so ridiculous. MMU students are paying for tuition fees, it's not a cost-FREE education center. High quality facilities must be provided as part of management's commitment. Cocking about bandwidth upgrade is the funniest thing; MMU is owned by Telekom Malaysia, and can't TM provides decent Internet infrastructure to their own assets???

VHanded Cheepeng said...

Yup, I signed the petition~

A good question to the Press-It-Turn: IF the RM100 really need to be charged, do the staff, which is the high usage user, need to be charged too?

Kam said...

oil price hike is making them doin this,they need extra money for their benz...nt making profit is bullshit..u shud jz stuff pork into his mouth at the moment he said tat..haha

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