Thursday, July 3, 2008

I broke World Guinness Record!

Remember on 17th June 2008, me, together with other 8 millions 2 thousands 5 hundreds and 29 people all around the world, had set a world record of "Most Downloaded Software in 24 Hours" by downloaded this long waiting Firefox 3!

Yes, it's Firefox 3, yo!

Not believe me? This is my certificate. If you also downloaded Firefox 3 on the day, here to get your certificate. (Sounds very SS, but only if you are having the passion towards Firefox, you will feel the joy~)

Firefox 3 Certificate

The total downloads are much more 'crazy' than what I thought, which is only 5 million, but the actual amount is 8,002,530 downloads!

Congratulation Firefox and open source community for this piece of work. IE, work hard la!

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junyan said...

hoh gratz man!!

anyway thanks for leaving comments in my blog~~
actually the box is to leave comments~~

hv a nice day~~

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