Monday, March 24, 2008

《三月里的小雨》 和 《十一月的萧邦》?

This is an Chinese Language Society Event. I found out some "coincidence" of the design with Jay Chou's design...

Muzzling Rain in March

Jay Chou World Tour

Haha, this is just a small discovery I found out between this 2 posters. And the title Muzzling Rain in March《三月里的小雨》sounds like Jay's previous album November's Chopin《十一月的萧邦》.

beside the 2 "coincidences", there is 1 more. The main actress in Jay's first self directed movie, Secret, is 小雨, (direct translation means Little Rain), same like the theme for the orchestra, 三月里的小雨,(direct translation is Little Rain in March). Will the orchestra base on the love story of her.....?


Event Details
Muzzling Rain in March
is an Chinese orchestra performance, based on a story of "her", to remind us about the feeling of love.

Date : 27/3/2008 (Thursday)
Time : 7.30pm
Venue: MPH Extension Hall,Multimedia University (Cyberjaya)
Ticket Price: RM5 (CLS member)
RM7 (non-CLS member)

For more information and purchase of ticket, please visit our booth at
Central Plaza, or contact:
Koh Yu Lin 012-9550212 YM! babycake8888
Raymond 012-2606389   YM! thechoosensoul
Ong Hao Seng 012-9281663
Gan Li Mei 016-5492754

Hope this orchestra performance success like Jay Chou's concert~

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keeyit said...

yeah, both posters look similar.. haha

Khays said...

you've been tagged!

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