Monday, March 31, 2008

Oat + Milk = My breakfast

Don't know since when, this is my usual breakfast combination.

And don't get confused, the content in "Milo" is Cereal Oat.

Secret Recipe
- 5 spoons of oat + 2 spoons of milk powder
- add hot water
-stir well, and ready to serve

- To have both carbohydrate and also minerals
- The oat won't stick together if stir together with milk powder

- hot, need extra time to finish it.

My lovely mug for breakfast, tea time, etc. Indah Water brand? It's actually a gift from a quiz in my National Service. It's with me for 2 years~

Breakfast in front my PC, is my daily routine.

Today's Message:
I want to back to the past, but the future is so beautiful.

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1 comment:

keeyit said...

I have oat for breakfast always.. healthy ma

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