Sunday, March 9, 2008

BN, you get it?

This is not latest update of Election 2008, all I wrote here is my own opinion and not stand at any party's side, moreover, I am just 19, so I didn't contribute to any side.

Why BN lose?
Since our new Prime Minister Pak Lah get into reign, from anti-corruption became joining corruption. Everything increased prices, without control. All benefits were always benefit a small group of people, and no action taken to overcome that. Please, I cannot stand for a 10 cents increment in toll fee, which lead to 10 cents increment of everything in this market!


Why Opposition win?
Since BN is consist of a bunch of racist and family oriented rubbish like UMNO, MCA, and the worst to max MIC, so I see no reason to let them win, else they will just take it like another Malaysia Monopoly game. So, the only way is let opposition win, good job DAP in Penang, we will work out from zero.

What BN done.
Education is the worst case that led me hate BN so much. Tell you again la idiot ass hole, you set the quota is like a brain filter, you filter out those smart brain, and let those with smaller brains to go through, end up they mess up this country. Which country do that to their people? Racist! If you said it stated in Pelembagaan, it can be changed too. Law is made to adapt with current situation, not a fix physic law like E=MC^2!!!

OK, good job again to DAP, work hard to make this country grow, at faster rate. Barisan National sucks. really suck cock.

Today's quote:
No matter who win, the ultimate requirement of every Malaysians is PEACE, don't take this result and develop into curfew.

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Che-Cheh said...

Circumstances played a really big role on the decider. Many people were not happy.

rgBALA said...

u r rite... MIC sux!

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