Monday, March 17, 2008

First time Flight, alone.

Actually I didn't purposely want to fly alone, just because the free ticket that same flight with my friend was sold out. I got the options to come back by bus, or book other flight.

So I choose to fly, because last time fly with friends who all are pro, so I just follow, got no chance to learn... This time, learn myself~

From ticket booking, slip printing, boarding pass, I read through manual and FAQ, some ask Su. My flight was 1110 in the morning.

Clock at KLIA Transit station, 9:15am, still early.

While reach KLIA, I ask for the LCCT shuttle's location at information counter, it's at Level 1.

Going down the escalator to level 1 in KLIA, so quiet?

I like the elevators in KLIA~ But I didn't try it.

Malaysia Airline Historical moments.

This is the part I worry, lucky they charge only RM1.50 to LCCT.

3 Aircraft controllers are having breakfast, it looks so peace in the bus terminal.

Spent sometime taking photo.

A snapshot at airport field. It looks like album cover.

Reached LCCT, just nice timing! Can check in lo!

See MMU? Click to enlarge.

I will only take flight when bus tickets sold out during CNY or free tickets from AirAsia, but free tickets doesn't mean TOTALLY FREE, but just need to pay for taxes and administration fees only, still cost RM43 from KL to Penang. Actually fly alone is not difficult, just I always forget the process.

This is just an experience to learn. Take bus better, save kilograms of Carbon Dioxide emission, good for environment and reduce Global Warming effect~ haha.

Today's quote:
The world is so big, I am so lucky to meet you.

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Sioukee said...

Nice view ;o

vhanded said...

sioukee: i like that MMU from sky~

rgBALA said...

thats a nice view...

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