Sunday, March 23, 2008

Leaking Bus Experience - Free ticket from BW to KL

Yesterday I came back from Butterworth to KL, and faced a god damn experience -- leaking!

On the highway, about 2 hours later on the trip, it started rain. I can't sleep, so just stared at the scene outside. Suddenly, a drop of water dropped on my shoulder, then another drop, and DROPS.

I look to my top, shit, this is it:
See the water mark?

This photo was taken at the early stage, later, it spread to the whole area of my top, creating an "artificial rainfall" in the bus.

When the water start dropping, I looked around in the bus for empty seats, but all full, except a seat in front beside a girl. So I went and ask whether can sit beside there, she said: "here is also leaking". Oh shit... really. This bus is dying...

See? even the bottom also flooded. Lucky I saw it earlier, else my bag with my laptop inside has gone!

See the water drops?

The dark colour is the wet area.

So How I pass 3 hours on the bus?
I sit at the corner of the seats. Starting is ok, then when the leaking on top spread, my shirt wet. So I move out little bit again, and move and move and move, then end up standing when the bus in KL area.

I want my money back!
When reached Puduraya Station, I tell the Malay driver I want to talk to manager.

Me: "Encik, tadi saya punye tempat duduk ada bocor, semua basah, saya tak duduk 3 jam u tau?"

Driver: "dan?"

Me: "Saya mau cakap dengan manager."

Driver: "cakap lah."

Me: "(control my temper) Ada dia punye nombor tak?"

Driver: "tak tau, pi cari orang atas."


English translation:

Me: "Sir, just now my seat has leakage, everything's wet, I didn't sit properly for 3 hours you know?"

Driver: "So?"

Me: "I want to talk to manager."

Driver: "Then talk la."

Me: "Do you have his number?"

Driver: "Don't know, go and get from counter."

You know that f**king driver never look at me at all!!!! He don't give a damn what happen to me! I pay the same price like others but why they all can sleep comfortably, but I can't even sit nicely?

And that f**king driver never stop at any rest station along the 5 hours trip, lucky I am ok, pity the children behind there who wants to go toilet...

The operator in respective bus company's counter in Puduraya is nice, he gave me the contact number of Butterworth branch. Thanks. So I phoned there.

Me: (repeat the same situation I experienced)

Operator: "so? apa lu mau?"

Me: (F**K! Another brainless people!!!) "Saya mau saya punye wang balik!!!"

Operator: "kalau you mau bincang, nanti balik sini bincang."

Me: "saya tak kan balik dalam 3 bulan la!"

Operator: "Kalau boleh bayar, pun tak boleh tunggu lama."

Me: "so berapa lama?"

Operator: "1 bulan. You tunggu saya punye boss balik nanti call mari lagi la~"

English Translation:

Me: (repeat the same situation I experienced)

Operator: "Then? What you want?"

Me: "I want my money back!!!"

Operator: "If you want to discuss, come back here(Butterworth) to discuss."

Me: "I won't back in 3 months!"

Operator: "If can refund, also can't wait too long."

Me: "How long?"

Operator: "1 month. You wait my boss come back then call again."

Are they racist? Why all so rude to me? They never apologise at all!

That night I called them again, and the boss talked to me. He is a Chinese, when heard my situation, he quickly apologise to me many many times, and automatic gave me full refund, so I told my mom to collect it today.

Bus number is AEH3822. I don't directly point out the bus company, people who smart should can guess which company is that.

That's why We good in Business
I see another fact that why Chinese good in business. I am not racism, just what I seen is always like that: not all, but some employees never give a damn what happen to their service, they just know their responsible is to drive bus, is to pick up the phone, that's all.

Again, I am not Racism, this is just what I experience throughout my life. Now I am satisfy with the decision that the boss made to give me full refund.

Today's quote:
Business is not only about money, it's also about services.

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Erictan7 said...

I noe wat company is THAT!!! KONSORTIUM!!! but i never experience any leakage la.. maybe it never rained when i sat in it.

vhanded said...

eric: Correct! 10 points to Eric! No need to fear anything, consumer right.

rgBALA said...

welcome to the real world my fren... i prefer transnasional.. so far no prob..(touchwood) 2nd choice will be plusliner..n 3rd.. srimaju.

wuching said...

hear hear! I also experienced some crappy customer services when I visited Malaysia the last time, some ppl just damn rude!

yung . said...

Hahaha! I've met a few times the water dripping, but everytime is someone else's seat not mine. The nearest is the seat right beside me, and it's pathetic.

Anyway, I really wouldn't make the fuss of chasing back the ticket because I WILL BE VERY ANNOYED TALKING TO THOSE IRRESPONSIBLE PERSON , LIKE THE FKING DRIVER AND THE ONE YOU CALLED!


vhanded said...

rgbala: ha~ i am DONT CARE people, as long as I got what I suppose to have, then I am satisfy.

wuching: is this cruel... But be brave, we're consumers!

yung: sometimes just have to spent sometime talk to their boss! Else they will just become worst and worst! I made a plan, if he don't refund me, I will forward the photos like forward mail to the whole world!

Jo said...

Those irresponsible person are most likely underpaid, overworked disgruntled worker who couldn't care less about the company's revenue, unlike the boss, who owns the company and is afraid of negative feedbacks.

That said, crappy customer services are everywhere in every industry in this country. Guess we not as advanced as we think huh?

Anyway, good that you persevered for the refund. Shows them that we will not put up for crappy services, unlike majority of the people who give it a pass and let it slide, thus encouraging their bad service practices.

vhanded said...

jo: em, thanks for remind. I didn't consider about underpaid. But that is not the reason to be rude. If just because of low paid and they rude to customer, then in their life how they treat other people?

I very admire the consumer right culture at other advance country, this culture make me feel safe and protected. Another reason is because I have a 16 years old look, and people just like to bully me!!

Khays said...

aiks, thinking of changing bus also. Kons*tium nowadays go round Taiping before go back to Pg.
Once the bus went fill petrol then go another site to pump tire air. Wasted an hour in Taiping.

Waste peoples time.

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