Monday, March 17, 2008

Don't believe in Rumor, HIV can't spread through food.

Since Election 2008, BN lost terribly. DAP won Penang's Government, and now certain parties are creating rumor and hoax to break this peaceful and harmony states.

This is the message that spread around through SMS, Messenger, E-mail, and person to person.

收到最新消息 JB已经 人吃了mamak和马来饭后染上爱滋 马来人把爱滋者 血放在kali 食物里 华人来吃时 加入食物里给华人吃 请专给所以同胞朋友们 要小心现在比513厉史还可怕 快快快

translate in English:

Received latest news, someone in JB had eaten mamak and Malay food, thus infected with HIV. Malays add HIV infector's blood into the curry and serve to Chinese when Chinese ordered food. Please forward to all friends, be careful, this is worst than 513 Incident, fast fast fast.


Very very appreciate someone who cares me send these messages to me, HIV is not airborne virus, and cannot spread through food.

Another weak point of this message is: if the action was started after the election, it's just not more than 2 weeks, but the time to develop detectable HIV antibodies in your blood needs at least 3 weeks to 3 months long. So even go and check now, they can't get any result too.

Just type "Can HIV spread through food?" in Google search, and you got all the results.

So stop forward this wrong message, unless you want to create another May 13.

Today's Quote:
Hey, those parties supporter, can you just accept the failure? Stop mess up your own country!


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Jo said...

OMG how brainless can those morons be? I can't believe ppl are naive enough to forwards these baseless and illogic messages. Duh.

Anonymous said...

You do know blood laced HIV can survive right?
Has anyone bother to do a research on if you pour blood into food, will the virus survive?

vhanded said...

anonymous: HIV is not airborne virus, means cannot spread through air, only through body fluid like blood, semen etc. However, virus concentration in these fluid is relatively low, and the amount of infectious virus will reduce 90 to 99% within several hours. Moreover, HIV will be killed by stomach acid.

The info from

yung . said...

I was just about to ask what if they pour HIV blood onto the food, but seems that I have the answer from the comment above already. Haha!

The person who started this blardy sms SHOULD BE PROSECUTED!

vhanded said...

yung: yes, should be punished!!!

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