Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wasted Wood Hangout

Yesterday is my last day at Cyberjaya before this mid term break. Wasted Wood, means 废材,or means useless people, sound closer than friend~ Where? Just 1 Utama.

Boon Ching, Jance, Lenx, Event(??), Eddy, and Me(holding camera)

We went to Neway for 2 hours of sing-K during lunch time, only Rm15 per person with lunch.

3 guys posing.

Event(??), is she beautiful? I agree.

Drunk(fake) Eddy...

The only nice photo of me without blur... Which taken myself, all other guys sucks in taking photo~

Above the Rainforest at 1 Utama. I love this place.

Little bird having snack.

10000BC, we watched that movie, very interesting, especially the CGI and large scale effect. A really nice movie to watch, with the ending that everyone wants, just the story is not historically match.

Today's quote:
We all love to hangout, only when we have money~

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