Sunday, May 18, 2008

Few minutes intimacy with a Jumping Spider

Caution! This post may not suitable for reader with Arachnophobia (fear of Spider)

Me: Hi, spider, what is your name?

Spider: ... (jump away)

Me: Don't run~ Let's be friend~ (surround my hand around it)

Spider: ... (jump up my hand)


Me: Can we take some photos?

Spider: ...(posing around my thumb)


Me: Why don't we change places?

Spider: ... (jump to my other fingers)


Me: Show me what you got...

Spider: ... (flying around, with it's web, like Spiderman)


Me: OK, impressive. Want to take some close pic?

Spider: ... (pose few sexy poses on the floor)





Ok, this sounds boring to talk to a spider. What I found out from the picture I took, they do actually have hairs on their body and legs!

I not sure whether I am Spider phobia, because I can play with spider of size less than a thumb's nail, not more than that.


  1. Only 9 species of spiders around the world are label with POTENTIALLY FATAL BITES.
  2. yearly death toll as low as one person per year, worldwide.
  3. The species of my "friend" up there is Plexippus setipes, a kind of jumping spider (I think)

More interesting fact can be referred on Wikipedia~

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When people boring, they will try something strange.

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